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Welcome to Aidmark Immigration Ltd

We are specialist immigration advisors to none EU nationals and their UK employers. If you have work permit holders (Skilled Workers) who are approaching their work permit renewal date, contact us to ensure your applications are made in accordance with all current UK Visas and Immigration guidelines. We will handle the process from start to finish, including work permit application preparation. This level of work can be carried out for any Immigration matter you may have. You will see that our OISC registered fees are amongst the lowest available with our verbal and email intial contact completely free, contact us for details.

Aidmark Immigration can deal with work permit, student visas along with Settlement, Naturalisation to become a British Citizen or spouse and dependant cases. Please contact Timothy Davidson for a full discussion on your immigration requirements

From Spring 2021 if you are a UK employer wishing to employ EU nationals and overseas migrants then you will need to be licensed. The sponsors licence can be applied for now, and we recommend you do this as soon as possible, once this requirement takes effect, if you do not have a licence, you cannot employer these staff. Contact Aidmark Immigration Ltd to assist you in becoming a UK Visas and Immigration licensed sponsor.

In the Interest of fraud, Please note that Aidmark Immigration only operate through emails ending in @aidmark.co.uk and our Head office is located in the UK. If you have any doubt do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 5000 250.