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There are many immigration agencies throughout the country but what distinguishes Aidmark Immigration from the others is the company commitment to provide clients with a “total service” in the care sector.

Speaking on behalf of the company Managing Director Timothy Longbottom said: “When you take into consideration the fact that there are currently some 150,000 professional nursing vacancies available within the Care Sector and by the year 2010 at least 50% of our present nursing staff will have retired, it highlights the urgent need for experienced, qualified nursing staff.” He continued: “Unfortunately, these positions tend to offer relatively low rates of pay in comparison with other careers within the business community requiring the same high level of education and therefore the lack of new “blood” in the form of trainee nurses is all too apparent, making it increasingly difficult to fill these vacant positions with personnel from within the UK or Europe.”

The Directors at London & Thames Today were so impressed with the peerless quality and extensive range of services provided that they voted unanimously in favour of the AIDMARK IMMIGRATION receiving the acclaimed BA AWARD FOR SPECIALIST EMPLOYMENT SERVICES. Acknowledged both locally and nationally, the Award has been established for a number of years and covers wide range of categories ranging from Manufacturing, Health & Safety, Finance, Business Development, Training, Recruitment and Education.

As the only company within the UK to provide this specialist immigration service, Aidmark Immigration vet all candidates very carefully to ensure any information concerning qualifications and past or present employment is verified as correct, before their details are forwarded onto the Home office. This having now been made a great deal easier by the company having recently opened an office in the Philippines giving the company an opportunity of meeting the candidates in person, keeping them updated on their status and fully explaining all the procedures from applying for work permits to their arrival in the UK.

Following this an interview, either on a face-to-face basis or via a video conferencing system, can then take place after which both the candidate and the prospective employer can decide if they wish to proceed. Having been given the go ahead, Aidmark Immigration will then work in close liaison with the Home Office and the British High Commission to finalise immigration arrangements required such as work permits, etc.

Prospective employers would obviously need to organise local accommodation for the nurses prior to their arrival. Arranging for two candidates to be placed in the same accommodation will not only help them afford the costs but will also provide company for each other.

Once an employee is settled into their new position, Aidmark Immigration doesn’t just wash its’ hands of them. Far from it, as part of the company’s commitment to provide a total service the dedicated team at Aidmark Immigration are always available to handle any problems, including even acting as a mediator in the unlikely event that a dispute should arise between the employee and employer. Both the employee’s and employer’s best interests are always paramount and Aidmark Immigration regularly monitor the situation to ensure that everything is as it should be.

In constantly pushing the boundaries of professionalism and quality, it comes as no surprise to learn that Aidmark Immigration is registered with Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) at level 1 adviser capacity.