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Aidmark Immigration in the Philippines

Aidmark Immigration operates throughout the UK, including Northern Ireland and in the Philippines where we now have a sister office called EMCJ Manpower International Inc.

EMCJ Manpower International Inc. is Aidmark Imigration Ltd in Asia. Our tie up was established so that we are able to screen the candidates to make sure that all there references and qualifications are true and correct for the position they are applying for. It also gives Aidmark Immigration the opportunity to meet the candidates in person and keep them updated daily on there statuses and to fully explain all the procedures from applying for work permits and visa to actual arriving in the UK.

We feel that this is the best course off procedure and feel that this is the correct way to go and hope to open more offices around the world in the future.

EMCJ Manpower International Inc. Contact details:

EMCJ Manpower International Inc.
109B Vriselda I Building
Scout De Guia Street
Quezon City

Tel: [63] 2 426 3085

Email: emcj04@gmail.com