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Terms of Use

These Terms and Conditions are the basis upon which course applications are assessed and accepted by Aidmark Immigration, as suitable for inclusion in our course programme, and these Terms and Conditions form a part of your application for enrolment on our course(s), together with the details shown on the Course Application Form, and are the basis of our Agreement.

Your completion and signature on the Course Application Form will be your acceptance of these Terms and Condition in their entirety. 

These Terms and Conditions are not transferable, and may not be altered, amended or substituted, in part or whole, without the express written permission of The Principal or a Director of Aidmark Immigration. These Terms and Conditions shown on the Course Application Form and website are subject to review and amendment as required to maintain company security and to comply with Company Policy and Operating Procedures. 

In these Terms & Conditions the term 'Applicant' applies to the person seeking approval and acceptance for a course place. The term 'Company' refers to Aidmark, and any subsidiary or associated company. 

Terms & Conditions (The Applicant) 

1. By completing and submitting a Course Application form, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement as shown on the Course Application Form and on the/this website.
2. All applications for course places must be submitted to Aidmark Immigration LTD, to ensure accuracy and legality of documents presented, and following course place approval, an initial personal appraisal from Aidmark Immigration LTD. 
3. The Applicant will provide, at the time of completing and submitting a Course Application Form, the following documents for initial assessment and appraisal by our UK Office.

( i ) Copy of a full CV, in the prescribed format

( ii ) Copy of your current Passport

( iii ) Copy of your Birth Certificate

( iv ) Copies of your highest qualifications, including a TOR for Degree based qualifications.

( v ) Current passport style photo (sent via email attachment the same day and taken within 
the last 3months)

(vi) A 300-500 word handwritten précis of your ambitions and reasons for wanting to study in the UK.

All the above documents must be emailed to tim@aidmark.co.uk for approval and acceptance
NB. If you are not in possession of all the above documents DO NOT submit your application, as it will not be considered until all the requested items have been provided.
4. No Fees are to be paid at this stage until acceptance and approval of the initial application
5. The Applicant, will also agree to attend our orientation programme, on the dates and times required.
6. Following contact and confirmation from Aidmark Immigration LTD, that acceptance and approval has been received, the Applicant will provide the balance of documents requested to complete the portfolio. 

2. Course Fee Payment.

Payment of course fees will become due following successful visa application. Payment is due immediately upon notification of visa approval, and prior to departure for the UK.

(i)Failure or refusal to pay the full course fee or balance remaining, following notification of visa approval, will result in the cancellation and withdrawal of the course place and withdrawal of Aidmark support, including notification to the British Embassy and UK Border Agency, resulting in cancellation of the visa application.

(ii)Visa applications based on attending and completing any course arranged by Aidmark Immigration are not transferable for use in attending another training institution.

(iii) Aidmark Immigration reserves the right to withdraw support for any visa applicant that it believes Is unable to comply with the requirements of S.57 of the Asylum and Immigration Act, including where the Applicants personal status has changed since their initial visa application for entry into the United Kingdom.

(iv)Aidmark Immigration will not support any visa application that is factually incorrect or made with the apparent intention of gaining access to the United Kingdom, using Aidmark Immigration and it's services and facilities, when such an application would have been refused by the British Embassy or point of entry ECO.

7. Upon the receipt of the selected payment of the course fee, Aidmark Immigration will prepare and despatch a CIP (Course Information Pack) which is forwarded, within 10 working days, by DHL special delivery, to your home address.

8. Additional documents: The following documents are to be provided to you, CIP pack, or on the first day, at the start, of the orientation programme. 
( i ) 3 x further passport style photo's (taken within the last 3 months)
( ii ) IELTS academic certificate (if required) minimum Academic level 6.5. 
( iii ) Local area Police check (completed within last 3 months)
( iv ) Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
( v ) Two work references
NB. A Medical Clearance letter will also be required and should be obtained within one month prior to arrival in the UK ; fax to Aidmark Immigration on the day of issue, and the original must be produced on the first day of arrival on the course.
9. The Applicant is responsible, upon receipt of the CIP pack, for checking that all the documentation, and information contained therein, is correct, and for carrying out the completion and submission of any other documentation or letters requested by Aidmark.
10. Documents for completion as at (8) above must be submitted and forwarded to Aidmark Immigration, initially by email to tim@aidmark.co.uk , and the originals included, in the next available DHL delivery.
NB. Visa applications, via the UKVACS route (where available) or in person must NOT be made to the British Embassy, until Aidmark Immigration LTD has agreed that you are ready to make an application on the basis that you fully comply with the current Home Office and Immigration Rules of Entry into the UK, you comply with the Immigration Rules of that country.
It is important to abide by this condition as it prevents the Embassy being inundated with applicants who are not ready, and cannot comply with the visa requirements under S. 57 of the Immigration Rules of UK Entry, thereby wasting the ECO's valuable time.
11. Once Aidmark Immigration LTD is satisfied that the correct standards have been achieved, an application can be submitted, by the Applicant, Aidmark Immigration LTD assistance, to the British Embassy.
12. Upon notification by the Embassy of either a Visa approval, or requirement of attendance for interview, the Applicant must inform Aidmark Immigration LTD, who will in turn.
13. Aidmark Immigration LTD will not arrange flights to the relevant place of study, you must email Aidmark Immigration LTD flight details, (Flight Ref / Time of expected UK) to tim@aidmark.co.uk . 
14. Aidmark Immigration will arrange for the Applicant to be met at the arrival's hall of of the relevant airport and transferred direct to their accommodation. 
16. Course dates are subject to change according to demand and no liability is accepted for any losses incurred through changes made to Course start dates due to operational or other circumstances, and no refund in part or whole will be due, providing that such amendment is notified with a minimum of 7 (seven) days before start date. Alternative Course dates will be made available where courses have to be re-scheduled
17.Licensed Operator or Agent Withdrawal / Termination
(i) When notified of the termination of an Agents right to represent Aidmark Immigration LTD, the applicant will immediately cease all contact with the Licensed Operator or Agent, following the advice of Aidmark Immigration in respect of the completion of the course and visa application process.
(ii) Applicants who fail or refuse to comply with 17(i) above may have their course date cancelled and their approval to attend the training centre withdrawn, without refund, at the sole discretion of Aidmark Immigration Directors. (iii) Applicants are not permitted to maintain contact with any Agent or Licensed Operator, including all staff employed by the same, once their role in the application process has ended, and the applicant has been advised to cease communication, in writing, by Aidmark Immigration. 

Cancellation & Refund

(1) Courses booked and then cancelled within 30 days prior to start date, will not be refunded and an alternative course date will be offered at our discretion. 

(2) Cancellation of the course place at any other time, after the course deposit has been made, will be accepted at the discretion of the Aidmark Immigration, including any refund decision on the following scale 

(i) Cancellation between 90 – 30 days prior to course start date. 20% refund of course fees paid. 

(ii) Cancellation received between 14 – 59 days prior to course start date – 40% refund of course fees paid.

(iii) Cancellation up to 14 days after payment of the course deposit or full fee, a full refund will be provided, less an administration charge, which will be up to, but no more than, 50% of course fees paid. 

(iv) Cancellation of the applicant’s course, due to the applicant failure or refusal to comply with any of the above Terms & Conditions, will result in no refund of any fees paid being due. 

(v) Students who make multiple visa applications to countries other than the United Kingdom having submitted a course application to Aidmark Immigration and failed to notify Aidmark Immigration of such applications, will forfeit any course fees paid. Therefore no refund will be applicable.

(vi) Students who elect to employ the services of a Lawyer not approved by Aidmark to carryout an appeal against visa refusal, where such appeal subsequently fails or is dismissed, will not be entitled to any refund of fees paid.

(See Visa Refusal Terms) 

Visa Refusal Term. 

Where a refund is requested following refusal of Visa Application to the British Embassy, the following conditions apply: 
(1) Consideration will firstly be given, by Aidmark Immigration, to an appeal or re-submission of the application, normally within 3 months (no refund will be made during this time) 
(2) If the visa appeal or re-application is still unsuccessful and the reason(s) for refusal is based upon the applicant's personal status or presentation standards, there will be no refund made. (see 3) 
(3) If the applicant has followed precisely the introduction given through attendance of our authorised orientation programme, but is still refused a visa, consideration will be given to (a) A refund by Aidmark Immigration for fees charged in connection with their orientation programme and (b) A refund, less administration charges of £795 GBP, will be made at the discretion of the Directors of Aidmark Immigration. 
(4) Should the full course fee have been paid at the time of application. Administration charges will be deducted from the balance remaining based on amount of hours allocated at this stage. Such charge will not be more than the £795 GBP. 
(5) Where a refusal for a visa application is based on the status of either our authorised Licensed Operator, our Agent or on the status of Aidmark Immigration, a full refund of all monies paid will be made after an appeal has been entered in the UK and the refusal upheld. Such refund will be made within 3 months following written receipt of the final decision. 
All Invoices are subject to the provisions of Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. 
These Terms & Conditions are liable to be changed or amended to comply with Legislation changes or amendments to Company Policy or Operational Security reasons. It is therefore the responsibility of the Applicant to satisfy themselves that they are fully aware of any changes or amendments, by regular reference to the website at www.aidmark.co.uk